Alpacas can be mated at any time throughout the year although most breeders focus on spring and autumn to maximize green feed for the offspring. Female alpacas are generally not sexually mature until 12 - 15 months of age and must be receptive to the male for the mating to occur. A receptive female will sit in the kush position for the male to mount her as shown below.

Stud Male


at work on a mobile mating.

Female alpacas are induced ovulaters, requiring the mating itself to trigger ovulation. About one week after mating, ovulation causes increased progesterone levels and a change in the alpacas behaviour and it will spit at and reject the advances of a male alpaca. At this stage it is not a sign of pregnancy. However about two weeks after mating a cycle will have completed and the female will either sit ready to be mated again of keep spitting at the male indicating a pregnancy. Checking the female alpacas receptiveness through spit-offs each fortnight should be carried out until an ultrasound at 60-90 days may be done to confirm pregnancy.

The average gestation period of the alpaca is 342 days (11.5 months) but can range from 315 - 370 days.

Male alpacas become mature and reproductive between 18 months and 3 years of age.

After extensive research, into breeding approaches to achieve sustainable genetic gain, Stansbury Alpacas implemented a selective linebreeding program.

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