Stansbury Alpacas started with the traditional focus of breeding to produce quality animals of sound conformation with fine dense fleece and preferably white. It soon became clear that everyone seemed to have a similar goal and the result of our breeding were hit and miss with some successes and some disappointments.

While maintaining the same basic goals our quest to produce consistent quality alpacas led us to research all sorts of influencing factors from genetics to environmental conditions. Not only did we want to produce quality alpacas, but we wanted to be recognised as breeders that produce a consistent type and quality of animal. It was this goal that set us on a course of linebreeding.

The first step in our revised plan was to identify a sire for line breeding that consistently produces quality offspring with similar characteristics. We chose Purrumbete Highlander due to the in proportionately high number of progeny, of such high quality that they were registered as certified males.

The second step involved inspecting dozens of Purrumbete Highlander's male progeny and finally selecting Windsong Valley Wilde Star as our own herd sire. His overall conformation, fleece characteristics and statistics were outstanding and have provided the influence that we required in our herd. Windsong Valley Wilde Star's first progeny from fairly average females were outstanding with all over improvement.

Step three is where we really started to get serious about line breeding. Using the IAR database in the members section of the Australian Alpaca Association's web site a number of other son's of Purrumbete Highlander were identified and their female progeny were purchased. Currently Stansbury Alpacas is breeding using lines down from the following son's of Purrumbete Highlander;

Windsong Valley Wilde Star

Purrumbete Saxon King

Windsong Valley Orion

Purrumbete Hot Shot

Windsong Valley Mikardo

Purrumbete Othello

Gunnamatta Armani

Millduck Farnham

Parnabrae Brutus

Coonawarra Goldstein

Purrumbete Windpiper

Purrumbete Quicksilver

Purrumbete Brigantine

Ladysmith Density

Windsong Valley Iceman

Adylen Highland Mist

By using a wide variety of bloodlines in males and females but maintaining the one common thread being Purrumbete Highlander, his influence in our herd is becoming stronger and the offspring we produce are becoming more true to type.

An example of line breeding is presented below;

By introducing the genetic influence of Purrumbete Highlander in the pedigree more than once he becomes the dominant factor and therefore increasing consistency of producing the desired offspring. Using a computer software program "Pedigree Viewer" we track the pedigree of each alpaca within our herd monitoring the inbreeding coefficient and traits associated with particular lines. On farm EBVs (estimated breeding values) that recognise the importance of line breeding are also used to determine the best possible mating match for each female.

The next step was to identify linebred males of the highest quality to follow up on the foundation established. Benleigh Benito 2 (ET) and Windsong Valley Pashtar were identified as the best available for our breeding plan and are now stamping their influence on the Stansbury Alpacas herd.

Contact us if you would like to know more about our breeding program, or have questions about how to make significant genetic improvements in your herd. Alternatively, click on the link linebreeding for more information about line breeding within this site.

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