Stansbury Alpacas was established in 1997 with two breeding female alpacas by Joanne and Steve Marshall at Stansbury on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. Located on the main coast road in traditional sheep and cropping country we stood out as an alternative to mainstream farming in the area. The environment was well suited to alpacas and young animals develop good strong healthy frames quickly due to the high levels of calcium and other minerals in the soil.                                                                                      Stansbury Alpacas herd in 2003                                                        
Emerging as the largest Alpaca Stud on Yorke Peninsula by 2003, Stansbury Alpacas outgrew the original property and in May of 2004, relocated to Pt Vincent on 100 acres specifically set up for alpacas. As a breeder of fine quality animals, Stansbury alpacas searched widely for particular bloodlines, purchasing stock from across Australia including, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia New South Wales and Tasmania.

The Pt Vincent Property was purpose set up for Stansbury Alpacas

After extensive research, a defining point in the development of Stansbury Alpacas was the decision to adopt a linebreeding program. Through selective linebreeding, Stansbury Alpacas was able to stamp in desirable traits and breed alpacas that are more consistent at throwing high quality, "true to type" offspring. Our alpacas were becoming sought after with a increasing numbers being purchased by interstate buyers. Stansbury Alpacas become a leader on Yorke Peninsula where you could find quality alpacas, reliable service and good advice.

July of 2006 saw us leave the Yorke Peninsula and relocate to Inglewood in the Adelaide hills to support the oldest of our four sons as he began university study. Joanne also used this opportunity to return to study taking on a bachelor of medicine and surgery. The new property at Inglewood was only 83 acres or 33 hectares but with a much higher rainfall allowing a much higher stocking rate. Inglewood is much more convenient for interstate and overseas visitors as we are now only 27 km from Adelaide CBD, only a couple of minutes into the Adelaide hills.


Stansbury Alpacas

enjoying the new environment at Inglewood in 2007


Steve has a education background and was given the opportunity to speak at the Australian Alpaca Association 2006 National Conference where he presented a paper on linebreeding. Interest was very strong with requests for further articles in magazines such as Alpaca World Magazine (UK) and various Australian regional publications. Now recognized for informative and educational articles about breeding consistent quality alpacas a number of papers have also been reproduced on a various of web sites.

October 2008 was the next big milestone for Stansbury Alpacas, holding the first ever South Australian alpaca auction on the property at Inglewood. A number of factors including, led to the decision to downsize. Joanne had a heavy workload studying Medicine and Steve's role at school managing a Design and Technology Facility for three schools left little time to manage the herd of 150 alpacas. After a careful selection process 76 females and 6 stud males were auctioned to leave a small herd of seventeen very high quality females and two stud males. Some very good alpacas were sold but more importantly the auction enabled Stansbury Alpacas to move on all but the very best breeding stock. Anyone considering buying from Stansbury Alpacas should have confidence knowing the remaining breeding stock is the best of the best.

Stansbury Alpacas is now specializing in white and fawn alpacas of very high quality. Stansbury Alpacas supplies pregnant female alpacas, potential stud males, weanlings or wethers as pets and lamb guardians.

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