Steve and Joanne share a vision at Stansbury Alpacas of breeding consistently high quality "true to type" alpacas. We are well on the way to achieving this with "Our Breeding Plan" which incorporates "Line Breeding". While successes were fairly hit and miss early, the consistency in animal conformation and quality of wool, achieved through line breeding, is our aim and now becoming the norm. The dramatic improvements that we have achieved in each generation lead us to believe the average alpaca is currently exhibiting 50% of the potential genetic gain possible.

       Stansbury Alpacas - Reflections        Some of the herd grazing a hillside on a still day near a dam at Inglewood

Our aim is to breed alpacas that maintain sub 20 micron fleece until at least 3 years of age while cutting 6 kilograms of fibre. By careful selection, using elite stud males such as; A29414 Windsong Valley Wilde Star, A63420 Gunnamatta Armani, A61121 Benleigh Benito 2 and A52385 Windsong Valley Pashtar we have already seen outstanding improvements and expect this to continue in each generation for some years.

As breeders of consistent fine quality alpacas, with proven pedigrees, we believe we are establishing a line of superior alpacas that are more likely to be reliable and breed "true to type".

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