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 Pets or Lambing guards

3 months - 2 years old



Stansbury Alpacas usually has available a selection of  wethers and young males (to be wethered) that are suitable as pets and lambing guardians to put with sheep.  Contact us 08 83805965 or for up to date details on stock available or to place orders. Discount applies if wanting large numbers.

Alpacas as guardians keeping lookout over their adopted herd will chase predators (foxes) and attempt to stomp on them.

The instinct for a pair of alpacas to bond with other grazing animals is strong. Their proven ability to protect sheep and goats has resulted in broad acre farmers increasingly turning to alpaca wethers as herd protectors for lambing. In the ideal situation wether alpacas in pairs should be introduced to the the mob of ewes 4 -6 weeks before lambing. However, farmers have reported success in protecting lambs even when introducing alpacas after the drop has begun.

This sheep wants to be king of the castle among the alpacas to ensure she gets the best hay.

At Stansbury Alpacas we run alpacas and sheep together so that the alpacas are familiar with sheep and will bond quickly as guardians. Alpacas, once bonded with the sheep or goats will move easily with their new herd and are easily separated in yards as they tend to avoid crowding and body contact with other livestock.


Alpaca used as a sheep guardians must be castrated.

Alpacas can be wethered (castrated) at about one year of age depending on their development. Castration is a surgical procedure and requires the services of a professional. Any alpaca used as sheep guardians must be wethered (castrated) to avoid the situation pictured, where a male left entire is mounting sheep that is in the paddock to protect. All reputable breeders should ensure alpacas sold as guardians are wethered before delivery to eliminate this problem. All alpacas sold as sheep guardians by Stansbury Alpacas are wethered before delivery.

For more information about alpacas call 83805965 or 0408085916 or e-mail
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